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A Great Way to Start An Online Business
You want to start an online business,but you realize that you don't have a product,a web site, or prior experience. You now ask yourself, where do I start? Start with affiliate programs. What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is a...

Auto-Pilot Link Building Strategy for Content-Sites
OK, this is what I consider a very effective method to get people to link to you without you having to ask them to do so. The best part is that, people will link to you for your most targeted keyword. I happen to discover this method after seeing...

Give Your Business a Cash Infusion
Whether you have your own business already, or are looking for a way to cash in on the profit potential of reaching millions of internet users – you can’t afford NOT to read this…….. Say goodbye to the Daily Grind! If you are like me, you...

Link Popularity - Your Key to a Page #1 Listing
Last week I was doing a search in Google under 'ezine advertising' and was amazed to find one of my own websites on the first page of results (position #4 out of 271,000). So then I went to Yahoo and got another shock - there it was again at...

The Misspelled Domain Name Experiment
Recently, I bought the domain name: . Not , but . (The difference is an "sh" instead of an "ss" in the word: bass.) Here's how it happened... One day I was visiting my chiropractor and picked...

5 Lightning Fast Ways To Build Content That Sells…

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

The golden rule of the internet marketer is that “Content is KING.” It always has been and it always will be. Especially if you’re an affiliate, good content is your best friend! But, there’s a huge problem!

Do you really want to sit at your computer and just type content all day long? I doubt it, I sure don’t. So, here are 7 ways to get great content – fast.

1. Public Domain Works

Works in the public domain are not protected by copyright laws. They can be freely copied, changed, edited, reprinted, distributed, and sold. Some public domain sources, like most U.S. government publications, have never been copyrighted. For others, the copyright has expired. Look into to get some great resources.

2. Famous and Funny Quotations

Compiling quotations is a dead easy, completely overlooked method of creating short web pages that can suck in thousands of visitors a day. These are pages that no search engine will ever penalize. And visitors are likely to bookmark those quotation pages and return to them later.

All you need to do is a bit of research through websites, beats writing all day long!

3. Definitions

Every hobby, industry, or profession has its own vocabulary. That's often frustrating for outsiders who wonder what the yada-yada those geeks are talking about.

So why not help your readers actually understand what you're saying by offering definitions on your web site? Simple definitions can give you a massive

competitive edge over competitors with higher search engine rankings. Why? A definition is exactly the type of content that everyday web searchers are always looking for.

4. Directory Pages

Someone comes to your website because they are interested in a topic – I bet they’d love it if you can send them to other related websites too! Well, wait, why would YOU want to send traffic away? Not exactly…

Directory pages are great for search engines, they get high rankings – so make sure to stuff your own adds all around them. Quick way to build content, get great link partners, get search engine optimized and get exposure to your ads!

5. Other People’s Content
Why in the world waste time writing when there are literally thousands of writers out there BEGGING you to place their article on your website. I just recently built a 1000 page website in about 3 days using OTHER people’s content from online directories.

Check out and – those articles are available for re-printing on your website. Just make sure to give the author the credit.

That’s it – lightning fast content! Now you have no excuse to not make many large content websites that all get great search engine rankings, free visitors and lots of sales!

About the Author

This article is written by Anik Singal, founder of The Affiliate Classroom. Anik Singal has developed his own affiliate system that helped him earn well over $10,466 in just 60 days.  Now, he's looking for a few students to train one step at a time.


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