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Country Home Accessories
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How to achieve indirect lighting in interior design.
For our planet the sun is a major lighting source. The light which we receive on earth varies in intensity and quantity depending upon the geographical location on earth. For normal human activities inside the building what we require is...

“5 Fast Ideas to Freshen the Look of your Room

“Company’s coming and my place doesn’t look right…”

You know how it goes, you have visitors coming tonight. You’ve cleaned every room in the house (well, maybe not the bedroom). You’ve planned the menu, and…it’s just not quite right. Perhaps you’ve been hankering for a change or maybe it strikes you out of the air, the room needs Something, but what?

Here’s five fast tips for when that re-decorating demon strikes and you haven’t the budget or time to do much.

You can likely do all of these ideas for significantly less than $50, but because they are simple, I’ll explain along the way what makes the difference.

1)Fresh Flowers
You don’t need a $50 bouquet to make a room, but a stale look will get an instant boost with a bit of living, breathing, greenery. Consider a $20 tropical, large enough to fill in an empty corner, and spend another $20 on a colorful bunch of fresh cut flowers (if you shop well, you can even get the vase). This will give your room instant punch!

2)Bowl of Fruit & Table Cloth
If you’re at the market anyway, don’t overlook the zest and color that a large bowl of fresh fruit lends to the kitchen, dining room, or even the coffee table. Great look that works well in all decors; fill a pottery dish with a variety, or a tall glass vase with a single fruit (ie: lemons or limes) or even line up a row of green apples along the coffee or dining table for a contemporary feel. And since fruit is inexpensive, give yourself a shot of change by selecting a new table linen in the trendiest color of the season to give your room a real lift or invest in a crisp white or cream cloth for a classic look.

You don’t have to be a country

girl (or guy) to appreciate the cozy look of baskets. Even the most modern room can benefit from a bit of wood or rattan. But the main purpose here is to hide clutter. You’ll feel so refreshed if you add a few baskets to fill with magazines, toys or hobby material. It’s the easiest way to contain the everyday clutter that you can’t stow away. And clearing space is always a good look!

4)Throw Cushions
I’d bet you could find two throw cushions for less than $50, so if you do, add a throw blanket as well. Cheap and shamefully easy, this is the way to go if you’re ready to make more of a statement. Great opportunity to bring some contrast into a dull room, consider light pillows for a dark room, dark pillows for a light one, and absolutely try adding a trendy color to a neutral room. And at this price, you can change it next season!

Admittedly for the more ambitious, this is a fantastic way to create a stunning look in little time. However, this is an article on FAST ideas, so let’s not tackle the whole room right now. If company’s coming this weekend, try a new look by painting a feature wall a stunning but complementary color (ie: the fireplace wall, that blank wall behind the couch…you get the idea.) Or even tape off a smaller section (this is called color blocking) to focus attention on a collection of pictures, or behind a mirror, or around the fireplace.

To all those with the decorating fever, I wish you speedy recovery and an enjoyable project!

About the Author

Shannon Emmanuel takes her love of interior decorating to the internet with resources and accessories available at her online décor store


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