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I Hope it Rains in Heaven
I've been hunting for as long as I can remember. The first hunt I ever went on with my dad, he had to change my diapers. My first real hunting memory is sitting on a tree stand and snuggling under my dad's coat. To this day, I can still smell the...

Indoor Trampolines And Mini Trampolines
Indoor trampolines, also known as mini-trampolines, are small trampoline kits designed for children between 3 to 7 years old. They are available in many sizes but most of them are portable and smaller than regular trampolines. Average height is...

Raising The Bar For Anglers Who Want Quality Equipment At A Reasonable Price - The Garmin 160 Fish Finder
The Garmin 160 Fish Finder has some big advantages over the competition. First, the exclusive See-Thru™ technology allows the Fishfinder 160 to hear both weak and strong signals simultaneously, giving it tremendous dynamic range. The result is a...

The Journal of a Gardener in Tuscany - June 2004
The Journal of a Gardener in Tuscany June 23rd 2004 The wild flowers are dying back already, just days after their fantastic display peaked. The grass is yellowing and in a week, maybe less, all the green lush flowers will be a distant memory. ...

Utilizing the Tools We Are Given
Utilizing the Tools We Are Given By: Mike Clifford HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com (Reproduce with hotlink intact) The most comprehensive books ever assembled for understanding the ecology of Illinois' Natural Resources are available to each and every...

6 Things You Must Do If You Want To Have The Secret To Catching More Trout

It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. ~John Steinbeck

1. How Fish Think

When you hunt for deer, and any other animal for that matter, there are some set rules you have to follow if you are going to catch some very wary Brook and Brown trout.
Will the rules for hunting somehow help with Trout Fishing.

2. Study and Research

Understanding how a trout thinks, will increase your chances of success. You could go to a local bookstore as well as the library. Within a week you
will know more about Trout than 99.9% of the world's population.

3. Trout Tips

Trout have monocular vision. This means that each eye can focus on an object independently of the other eye, giving them an all-around panoramic field of vision. Research has confirmed that fish , to some extent, can see color, above and beyond some practical uses of color. The fact that most strikingly colored species use their pigmentation for attracting mates; or they use color to hide from and scare off would be predators.

4. Hearing

Sound travels more than four times faster through water than it does through air. Trout can hear sound through the vibrations in the water, through a porous lateral line along the sides of its body. As it picks up water vibrations, the fish becomes aware of feeding frenzies or other fish fleeing

that happens nearby.

5. Touch

There are many species that have taste receptors on the skin, which send food messages to the brain, and prompts the fish to go towards the source of the food taste.There are also fish that have receptors on their heads, mouths, lips, and on, barbels like that of a catfish.

6. Smell

Many species of fish have nostrils with which to smell odors coming from food and mating partners. Their nostrils have sensors that detect the odors from the water and send signals to their brain.

To understand how Trout think, what spooks them, what excites them, when they feed, when they travel, and a number of other factors really is very important if you want to fill your creels full of fish consistently. Luckily for you, theres a man who has captured the essence of fishing and put his expertise into a Book, which is titled “How To Catch A Trout Every Time – When Spinner Fishing Your Favorite Stream Or River.”

This book is quite literally the bible of Trout Fishing. If you' re new to fishing or semi-experienced, you' ll immediately improve your chances of catching fish each time you go after reading the book. The authors name is Nick Anikijenko.

Val and Robin Shortt are experienced campers and own three outdoor websites For more tips like these and to register for their Free newsletter visit: Good Night Camping Equipment


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