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Dish Network Background
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How To Point a Satellite Dish
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Dish Network vs DirecTV - Race For Top Is On

If you have taken sane decision to replace your cable TV with the Satellite TV, one thing is sure that you won’t look back in regret. In fact you would regret for depriving yourself of this modern technology for so long. No doubt, more and more people are adding to the Satellite fold and enjoying this new dimension of the entertainment.

The choice of over 150 channels covering all hues of life from classical music to rock music, premium movie channels, sports channels, informative channels and lots more will change the way you used to watch your TV. So be ready to enthrall you with the amazing picture quality and digital sound and feel the difference in the entertainment world.

Undoubtedly, two Satellite TV providers, which make their presence felt in the heart of US people, are DirecTV and Dish Network. They cover all the 50 States and are ready to change your lives irrespective of your location. Get the best satellite TV deal over Internet. Why Internet? Since it is cheaper and convenient to apply for connection online.

These two Satellite TV providers will offer you value for money and the service beyond your expectations. But you have to make up your mind on any one and even the comparison is not easy considering so many things involved and the difference is so subtle that you will end up straining your eyes and mind. But here we are giving some tips, which you can use for taking the final decision.

DirecTV started in 1994 and has the largest base in United States but giving it tough competition is Dish Network, dazzling its viewers with its largest number of channels. The Dish Network bringing more sharpness to the picture and clarity to the sound by digitalizing the TV programming pioneers the concept of HD TV. Today Dish Network caters to more than 10 million satellite TV consumers and its consumer base is just widening.

People with foreign origin can heave a sigh of relief as Dish Network provides you host of foreign programming and channels. You get to see a lot of channels in Spanish and Mandarin. Recently they have come up with Bridges TV Network targeting American Muslim population covering Muslim cultural programs besides usual package of cartoons, news, and music and movie channels.

Viewers of Dish Network have another reason to smile as it has

acquired various Voom HD channels which will not only provide better quality of picture and sound but will offer them more variety to choose from. Karaoke channel is going to add another feather to its cap. This is going to be another first from Dish Network in the interactive channel segment.

Dish Network is the first choice for those who spend most of the time in their homes. Elderly people and housewives can kill their boredom with Dish Network Satellite TV package that includes your favorite movie channels, news coverage, informative channels etc. However, if sports are your great past time and if you follow the sports religiously, choosing DirecTV will be a better choice.

People whose job requires frequent shifting should opt for Dish Network for its easy mobility. Dish Network provides its own equipment and Satellite TV connection making smooth transition from your cable TV to Satellite TV. In contrast DirecTV respects your freedom of choice and allows you to purchase the equipment from anywhere else.

If you compare the monthly subscription charges of these two Satellite TV providers, you would find Dish Network slightly cheaper than its rival. The same is true in the HD TV segments as well. Here Dish Network has not only edge over pricing but also on the number of HD channels which are almost double than the number of HD channels provided by DirecTV.

These Satellite TV providers offer very attractive package to their potential customers in the form of free satellite TV equipments, free satellite TV installation, free HDTV upgrades, free DVD player, subscription waiver etc. While Dish Network gives you free dish network programming for one or two month besides free dish network guide and other gifts, DirecTV lures you with free premium movie channels for first few months to catch your attention.

About the author:
Al Falaq Arsendatama is web entrepreneur specializing in technology and finance. Visit our website to find out more about DirecTV and Dish Network comparison. Learn satellite TV basics: what is satellite TV and how satellite TV works.


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