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Business Web Site Content Strategy
Your content helps you get in search engines, speak to visitors, and ultimately get visitors to buy, contact you, or follow a link. Meanwhile, your content has to be updated at least once a month if you want to get return visitors and...

How to Design and Setup a Website
Note that the online version of this article contains screenshots that are helpful but could not be included in this article. To view it You need your computer, some software and a connection to the Internet....

How to save money on a website
Know what you want Make sure you know why you want a website and what you want your website to do for you. Write down some short term and long term goals. Establishing an Internet presence for your business is an important step – make sure...

Part 2: IMAGES: make every one count Don't load your page with graphics, especially those "under construction" things. If the graphic has nothing to do with the content of your page it is best left out. "Why," I hear you ask, "shouldn't I have as...

Manchester United: Top of the web accessibility league?
A while ago Manchester United launched a separate accessible version of their website, . There's been lots of publicity surrounding this accessible website and it even picked up an award. This accessible version doesn't offer as...

Top Ten Things to Ask Yourself About Your Website

1. Does it download fast?

"Most website crafters are in T1s, LANs and DSL, yet only 7% of the market has broadband and that's leveling off," says Bryan Eisenberg, in "Future Now." "Most customers surf at 56k or slower and roughly 60% still surf at only 28.8k." So the magic time is 8-10 seconds at 28.8.

2. Copy writing for the internet must be inclusive, immediate, and consumer-oriented. Is your copy written in such a way that the consumer feels included and welcome?

3. Are you talking more about the consumer and less about yourself?

4. Have you done the proper market research to discover how your particular consumers like to be talked to?

5. Is it user-friendly? Is it easy to navigate and


6. People buy from people they like and trust. This has never changed. Does your website make people like and trust you/your business?

7. Have you viewed your website from as many other browsers as possible? It can save you a lot of grief.

8. Do you provide many opportunities for the visitor to contact you and the webmaster?

9. Do you provide an urgency for purchase?

10. Do you have interactive opportunities--places for feedback, polls, quizzes, forums and the like?

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Susan Dunn is a personal and professional development coach who specializes in emotional intelligence, strengths, and inner work. You can visit her on the web at


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