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RP Promotion Strategy


copyright (c) Pavel Lenshin

You must be asking what does RP mean? I won't tear your
curiosity apart until the end of the publication as hypnotic
marketing teaches. It is Recurring Passive promotion and let
me ask you, do you want to get outstanding promotion
results, while sipping favorite Cocktail on the couch? You

Now let me put a little cloud of disappointment in the blue
sky of your promotional pleasure. We will have to spend some
time on creating our "salesteam" first to make it work for
us afterwards, so you will be able to do whatever you want
knowing that your business/product is consistently being
promoted for you.

I don't speak about hiring marketing or advertising
department to promote your online business, it would be
expensive enough. Better leave that practice to those
Dot.coms that report each year about Internet collapse.

What we will do is cheap, yet ten times more effective. It
is a market dream come true, although for it is time
consuming efforts at the beginning, 80% of small home based
operators didn't, don't and won't do it. That is another
reason, why the effect of that "salesteam" will be
tremendous in comparison with other "easy to achieve"
marketing methods, like 5 bucks classified ezine ad.

The more self-discipline in "salesteam creating" process you
put, the faster your desired result will be achieved. That
rule is so obvious, yet not carried out by a lot of people,
including me. One fellow marketer will have perfect
"salesman" in a week, while for another one it will become a
never-ending tale.

Now I'm literally feeling the second bursting question you
want to ask me.
What is the "salesteam"? Do you really want to know the most
guarded secret of all marketing gurus? The hidden truth of
their million dollar profits? Ok, that is Viral Marketing! I
know you've heard that 100 and 1 time, but don't blame me,
the most guarded marketing secret of all times and nations
is that there is No Marketing Secret :0)

Before going any further let me point to two main features
that determine PR Promotion strategy, very close, but a
little bit broader than the "classic" viral marketing
meaning. They are characterized by:

* one-time action to create and set up;
* non-stop ongoing promotion results.

If, for instance, you paid money for ezine solo ad and get 3
sales, in order to produce 30 sales you will have to order
that solo ad for 10 times (in practice much more, because of
marketing "depletion" effect). This is everything, but
astute promotion, which is based on one-time deed with never
ending results.

In the above case, you should order solo ad to promote your
free valuable, say, traffic report or sales letter with a
compulsory URL to your web-site, positioning you as a
traffic or sales letter expert. Your info product will thus
rapidly spread over the net, generating you much more than 3
sales. It is hard to imagine what will happen if you offer
30-50% commission for publishers to give your product away
for free.

You have also probably heard hundred times about recurring
passive income. The example above describes Recurring
Passive Promotion that means that your company,
product/service is going to be automatically promoted by a
"salesteam", consisting of:

1. Info products: eBooks, Reports, Brochures, Email courses,
Audio, Video files, Web-site template and so forth.
2. Auto or semiauto software applications and programs.
3. Partners, clients or subscribers.

In fact, RP Promotion is a foundation of RP Income that is
the main desired target to any online marketer to achieve
financial freedom. Below we will look a little bit closely
on each promotional instrument. Note that they are perfect
instruments or tools if you wish, but it is the craftsman
who creates art, not the tools themselves.

Info products

Do you follow number #1 rule of all marketing gurus that is
"Money is in the list"? If you do, you can use your list,
i.e. ezine, newsletter to easily compile an info product
from the materials, mainly articles or tips that previously
were written for your issues. That means that not only do
you constantly profit from the list, but expanding your
profits by promoting your list. In practice it will look
like subscribe sign up box on one of the welcome pages of
your free ebook, report etc.

As I have already shown in the example above, it may be any
kind of beneficial for target market template with
permission to use it for free, remaining your small URL at
the end intact. It may be audio file coming with the
electronic brochure. There are really unlimited variants of
creating powerful and valuable, yet totally free RP
"promoters" or "salesmen".

Stage two is to make your "salesteam" of info products work.
That task may only be accomplished under the total absence
of such artificial barrier as seller's money thirst. Don't
be tempted by quick earning potential. Your main task is to
launch a word of mouth tornado that will bring much more
long-term profits. So start giving away your report, ebook,
everything you can to interested web-site visitors or
subscribers. Avoid including numerous banners or affiliate
links also, nothing can irritate more than such stuff,
especially the feeling of understanding that the only reason
I got that, say, report was to
make me buy something. It is hard to give away for free what
you've spent several

weeks to create, but it will repay ten
times. Remember RP Promotion is a fundamental long-term
development strategy, there is no place for "quick bucks".

Your main focus should be not the Money, but sharing
Valuable Information and providing Specific Solution,
related to the sphere of your expertise. The more value you
give away, the more people will read it, the more
subscribers, clients and partners you will have.

Auto or semiauto software applications and programs

Software! Efficient small info business is impossible to run
without software programs. They are our "angels" that help
in our difficult everyday routine business life, but not
only that. They are also capable of automatically promoting
our business with no or very little effort for our part, so
it is a crime not to include them into our "promotion team"
Once set up they could:

* Submit/resubmit your web-site, pages to Search engines and
* Submit/resubmit your adverts to FFA and classified ads
pages and boards;
* Check SE rankings and adjust your pages accordingly;
* Submit/resubmit your info products, including ezines and
articles, to respective directories, announcement lists,
groups, forums, boards etc;
* Automatically send promotional emails to Safe Lists or
* Follow up with your prospects and customers, etc.

Take note that we are speaking about Recurring Passive
Promotion methods only. Software programs can do 1 million
things more, but we point to what tasks they can passively
accomplish to start rolling your viral marketing ball.
Software is also the only part of the "salesteam" you should
and have to spend your money on. Other promotion "staff"
will be totally free in terms of money.

Now let me explain why RP Promotion is slightly broader in
its meaning than viral promotion. As you know, products
announcement or Safelist emailing cannot be called to be
viral methods as their produced effect are short term and
lack exponential results growth. The classic examples of
viral marketing strategy were ebooks giveaways or free
web-based email services.

RP Promotion goes further. Software announcements and
submissions, taking into account, their completely non-stop
automatic working "nature", still generate recurring and
passive results. Once set up, we start getting short-term,
but permanent and never-ending effect, until our software
programs are working at the background, although, let me
repeat, that promotion is not considered as viral marketing.

Partners, clients or subscribers

Being the prime source of some product or service allows you
to establish mutually for you and your partners beneficial
business relations. That is the best of the best tactics you
should pursue in the long haul.

Here is a tip-of-the-iceberg example. It is clear that two
(approximately equal) promoters are better than one. That is
why huge potential of a sole promoter, who gives away
several ebooks, email courses with a number of working
submission software, becomes a drop in the bucket in
comparison with what kind of perspective that promoter could
get if there are hundreds, if not thousands, of
sub-promoters working for him by giving away his free
ebooks, courses etc.
Even 30% or 50% commission paying will mean for the program
owner one thing only - his/her profits have grown on the
remaining 50%-70% of the retail price.

I've presented an example of RP Promotion, when you should
order a solo ad to promote your free ebook, which, in its
turn, will spread the word about your main product. Actually
that was a bad tactic as well.

Astute RP Promotional strategy should comprise, ordering a
solo or top sponsor ad that will promote your 1st valuable
"salesman" like ebook or video file that in turn will
popularize your beneficial partner/affiliate program,
through which you will gain tremendous market exposure!

No, I was wrong. No need to spend money for manually
ordering one-time ads. Write a salesman assistant! I mean
article that will offer general public to download your free
audio file! When your article is submitted to a lot of
directories it will be published many times in different
ezines, generating you temporal, but recurring, with each
new publication, response. The more "assistants" you will
have the easier it will be for your salesman - audio file -
to work. "He" will be in demand, reassuring listeners in the
undisputable benefits of your partner program. What is next
stage? Those who don't want to become partners, but like
your product, would buy it - that is one-time benefit if you
stop corresponding with your clients. Those who become your
partners will generate true streams of recurring passive
income. That's what I call Recurring Passive Promotion

Pavel Lenshin is a publisher of NET Business Magazine,
professional web-developer and CEO of:
- - informational portal and provider of
discounted internet services for entrepreneurs, including
internet access, web-design and hosting;
- - a must-have business library.

About the Author

Pavel Lenshin is a publisher of NET Business Magazine,
professional web-developer and CEO of:
- - informational portal and provider of
discounted internet services for entrepreneurs, including
internet access, web-design and hosting;
- - a must-have business library.


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  • mr

  • mr geez is back in business wanna know how

  • my cybernet life story the life and trials of an internet junkie

  • my dumbest marketing blunder and how you can avoid it

  • my experiences of internet marketing with no knowledge and a very limited budget

  • my favorite home business marketing ideas

  • natural marketing for full business success

  • need ezine content think holidays

  • need to get my attention try this

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  • net marketing a passion or an obsession

  • newbies guide to writing and submitting ezine articles

  • newsletters a great way to build business relationships

  • newsletters your readers and you

  • new ideas for using autoresponders to supercharge your marketing efforts and create powerful customer relations

  • new the nets 1st and 100 automatic ezinebroadcasting service

  • new thinking for internet success

  • niche marketing finding jv partners

  • niche marketing the power of articles

  • niche markets and mini sites profits the war has begun

  • nine power words to punch up your ads

  • not all vinyl banners are created equal

  • not common but effective free marketing

  • not sure if your online advertisement is working

  • not sure if your online advertisement is working be sure track your ads

  • novice increases web traffic building a substanial business

  • no marketing budget no problem

  • no marketing required

  • no money promotion that creates 30x sales in five months

  • no time for pretty ezines

  • no web site required an easy profitable e mail marketing tactic for offline businesses

  • offer a free download or report to your visitors

  • offer package deals to increase profits and sales

  • offline advertising tips

  • offline marketing part 1 drawings

  • offline promotion 45 places your url should be seen or heard

  • offline promotion matters too

  • oh the tangled webs we weave when we forget what to practice

  • ok people lets get real

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  • on your honor 3 steps to building the e trust factor

  • open the door to more business with your ideas

  • opt in email and ezine advertising still more effective than rss blogs and ppc

  • organize for creativity

  • part 1 easy steps to creating your very own ezine

  • part 2 how to format your ezine and where to find free content

  • payment processing basics

  • pay per click fraud exposed

  • pay per click search engines get the most bang for your buck

  • personalizing your emails an amazing technique that doubles your click throughs and profits

  • personal profile of the week bob osgoodby

  • personal profile of the week terry dean

  • personal profile of the week wes blaylock

  • pitching tips to land major media placements

  • planning and creating your e zines content

  • play the internet marketing video game and win 1000 a

  • please unsubscribe me

  • politicians are like car sales people

  • popping up for profitable results

  • pop up windows a nuisance or a gold mine

  • position your online business

  • positive relationships are the key to business success

  • postcards with an edge 7 ways to use postcards in your marketing campaign

  • postcard marketing your small business

  • posturing yourself as the expert by utilizing google search

  • powerful lessons from a 20 bill

  • power at your fingertips

  • power headlines for promotion

  • practical strategies to boost your ezine readership

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  • public domain and private label content

  • public speaking tips from the trenches

  • publishers are standing in line to publish you

  • publishing great content to boost your link popularity

  • publishing guidelines please feel free to publish this

  • publishing your first e mail newsletter

  • publish an ezine your website depends on it

  • publish it

  • publish or perish

  • push vs pull advertising

  • putting some pizzazz in your ads

  • putting your game plan together

  • put a prospect questionnaire on your website and increase sales

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  • recent research predicts that the online ad market will decline by 25 in 2001

  • recovering email publishers do ads on q

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  • review of ezineannouncer

  • rewarding the internet marketers spouse

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  • rotator

  • rp promotion strategy

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  • sales in a flash

  • sales lessons from bob vila

  • same time next year using editorial calendars as part of your pr efforts

  • sam n ellas homestyle restaurant better known as effective use of humor in your marketing materials

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  • seeds

  • self esteem is not just for kids its a cornerstone of your success

  • selling for beginners

  • selling is not a dirty word

  • selling to the sellers a lesson in feminine wisdom

  • selling to women selling to men it isnt the same

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  • selling yourself to reach online success

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  • seven ways to keep earning after youve completed the sale

  • share your knowledge write it and they will come

  • shhhhhhh listen

  • should i publish an ezine

  • should i publish my own ezine

  • should you advertise on tv

  • should you offer commissions for customer referrals

  • should you start an ezine

  • single or double opt in

  • six basic and simple ad tips

  • six golden rules of pay per click marketing campaign

  • six reasons why your alexa rating is still important

  • six ways to build trust

  • six ways to make extra money for christmas

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  • some advertising is doomed to fail find out why

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  • spend time to establish your presence on the web

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  • start your own ezine newsletter profit

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  • submit your article who where and what

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  • successful online gift shop marketing part 1

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  • success requires the use of controlled aggression

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  • sung to the tune of jingle bells rock one marketers task list

  • superscript not sanscript

  • super affiliates what are they how do i find them and why theyre your ticket to online success

  • supplementing spiders

  • surefire ways to pack a punch with your ezines newsletters

  • surfing for success

  • s for every occasion

  • s vs advertising or how to get free publicity for your business

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  • tag youre it

  • take no prisoners marketing

  • take your radio ads to the next level

  • taking advantage of the best advertising around

  • taking e mail marketing to the next level

  • taking the mystery out of marketing

  • targeted ezine advertising

  • targeting your customers preferred media to lure them online

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  • target the heart of your customer not their wallet

  • tempt them with a taste

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  • ten unusual products you can use as bonuses

  • ten ways affiliates sabotage themselves

  • ten ways to develop recurring income streams online

  • ten ways to mroi maximize return on your investment in marketing

  • ten ways to mroi maximize the return on your investment in marketing

  • ten ways to sell to your customers again and again

  • testimonials for business success

  • testing and tracking to improve your conversions

  • test test and re test

  • thats not spam thats my newsletter

  • their secret lives or my ezine has a love life

  • theres money in your site stats

  • they just dont get it

  • the 30 minute success plan

  • the 4 active marketing ingredients that could make or break you

  • the 7 keys to writing successful articles

  • the 80 20 rule your formula for success

  • the abcs of an ezine publisher

  • the almost complete ezine promote it list

  • the almost complete ezine promotion list

  • the art of endorsement

  • the art of writing powerful classified ads

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  • the beginners guide to writing classified ads

  • the best dating love relationship newsletter

  • the best free marketing technique on the web an exclusive interview with michael southon

  • the best website traffic sources

  • the be all and end all

  • the biggest promotion mistake

  • the black hole of internet marketing

  • the chaos theory for the webmaster and internet marketer

  • the complete beginners guide to writing articles

  • the dreaded m word and why we need to do it

  • the easiest small business direct marketing tip youll ever get

  • the easiest way to build credibility and increase long term sales

  • the empowered parenting ezine great advice for todays parent

  • the end of marketing

  • the ezine as a unique media form

  • the fastest list growing secret

  • the fastest opt in list growing secret

  • the final analysis

  • the first words out of your mouth

  • the four seasons of publicity

  • the four seasons of publicity building an all year publicity machine

  • the free viral marketing technique you cant afford to pass up

  • the future of advertising

  • the great email debate rich media v text

  • the great sale s after the sale

  • the hierarchy of marketing

  • the hows and whys of article marketing

  • the importance of writing good web site sales copy

  • the internet and beyond 12 tips on writing better brochures

  • the internet and beyond mean business 12 tips on writing better brochures

  • the latest not so greatest dotcon game

  • the law of specialized knowledge

  • the lazy man guide and fast way to profit online

  • the life and times of a grizzly ad

  • the listbot dilemma and list hosting alternatives

  • the missing cornerstone of success

  • the more you know about advertising the better it works for you

  • the most important sale

  • the most profitable internet marketing strategy ever

  • the most profitable mail order business of them all

  • the most rewarding aspect of internet marketing

  • the name game

  • the nine warning signs that you need a sales video

  • the nitty gritty of ezine publishing

  • the non definitive list of e zine directories

  • the number one jealousy guarded secrets of websites that sell faster than fireworks on the fourth of july

  • the nuts and bolts of traffic exchanges

  • the orange marmalade lid secrets of the gurus

  • the potential of publishing your own ezine

  • the power is in the pipes how to get maximum leverage from your website

  • the power of concentrated marketing

  • the power of endorsements

  • the power of free

  • the power of possibilities

  • the profit is in your follow up

  • the reality of free

  • the right articles to write for the internet

  • the right track

  • the right way to build your online business using freebies

  • the right way to use safelists to explode your online sales

  • the secret and single most effective step in internet marketing

  • the secret is in the list just not the one you think

  • the secret methods of tracking your advertising

  • the sellers creed

  • the shoemaker and the elves

  • the simplified profundities of internet marketing

  • the single most important success tool for your business or practice

  • the skinny on newspaper advertising

  • the smart web site navigating the 7 red flags

  • the sticky issue of e zine schedules

  • the sweet aroma of highly effective marketing

  • the take no prisoners marketing strategy

  • the tao of web marketing

  • the ten commandments of internet marketing

  • the top 10 easy ezine development and promotion tips

  • the top 10 marketing mistakes you dont want to make

  • the top five 2003 marketing tips that cant be ignored

  • the top seven marketing mistakes

  • the top seven mistakes newbie ezine publishers make and how you can avoid them

  • the top three reasons people fail online

  • the triple a club

  • the true story of the amazing 27 000 mars bars

  • the trust factor how to earn it from your visitors

  • the truth about internet fishing er marketing

  • the truth about internet success

  • the truth about search engines playing a game you cant win

  • the ultimate marketing secret

  • the ultimate pr edge getting reporters to open your e mails

  • the value of a nickel sell your products at the optimum price

  • the value of building a community on the internet

  • the very basics of design

  • the wealthy have been doing it so should you

  • the wonders of a newsletter

  • the word free is a 4letter word

  • the world wide marketplace

  • the worst internet marketing strategy ever

  • the worst marketing strategy you can use

  • the write to link popularity

  • the write way to market

  • the wrong way to write articles

  • the yin yang of internet marketing

  • things ezine publishers wished their subscribers knew

  • things ezine publishers wish their subscribers knew

  • things to know if youre marketing on the internet

  • things your mother never told you about ezine publishing

  • thinking of starting your own newsletter

  • think beyond today and start branding your future

  • thirty creative ways to use business cards

  • three big barriers to small business marketing success

  • three breathing techniques for any ezine article

  • three levels of commitment for allowing your business to fund itself

  • three new and updated ways to advertise

  • three new and updated ways to advertise f r e e on the

  • three new and updated ways to advertise f r e e on the internet

  • three powerful ways to create a must read ezine

  • three reasons to host your own teleconference

  • three secret keys to persuasion magic

  • three ways to improve your business

  • three ways you can use google adwords for long term profits

  • three ways you can use the ezines to increase your sales

  • thrills drills and barbecue drills

  • time is money stop wasting it

  • time management in internet marketing

  • time saving tips for harried website owners or going online while simplifying your life

  • tips on avoiding scams

  • tips on using constant contact to create your company newsletter

  • tips to power up your sales copy

  • today while i surfed the webthursday august 26 2004

  • top 10 biggest mistakes of website design

  • top 10 blog writing tips

  • top 10 marketing pitfalls

  • top 10 reasons to advertise with ezines

  • top 10 reasons to use a blog to publish your ezine

  • top 10 reasons why i reject article submissions

  • top 10 tips for winxp users

  • top 10 tips to promote your books through flyers

  • top 10 tips tv interview success

  • top 10 ways to get more subscribers to your ezine

  • top 10 ways to promote your practice using an e mail newsletter

  • top 10 ways to quickly build your list

  • top 15 ways to promote your website

  • top 3 free marketing techniques

  • top 5 must haves on every web page

  • top 7 e publishing tips

  • top 7 reasons why you should be promoting guerrilla marketing bombshells

  • top 9 strategies to attract more clients now

  • top five 2005 required marketing tips needed to succeed updated

  • top seven ways to promote your ezine

  • top ten reason to publish an ezine and a blog

  • top ten ways for start up entrepreneurs to get free publicity

  • top ten ways of why and how to write your books sales letter

  • top ten ways of why and how to write your books sales letter part 1

  • top ten ways of why and how to write your books sales letter part 2

  • top ten ways to attract targeted local customers with online marketing

  • top tips for creating a pro looking newsletter

  • to brand or not to brand that is not the question

  • to get free publicity sell the story not the store

  • to get free publicity talk to the new kid on the block

  • to lead or not to lead

  • tracking your advertising

  • track your advertising or perish

  • traffic exchange primer

  • traffic generation tutorials article 1 of 10 bi weekly articles

  • traffic the write way

  • trial and error persistence successful marketing

  • truth in advertising

  • turn your business new year resolutions in pr revolutions

  • turn your free ezine into a moneymaker tip 1

  • turn your free ezine into a moneymaker tip 2

  • turn your free ezine into a money maker tip 3

  • twelve principles for success on the internet

  • two easy steps to a 50 newsletter signup rate

  • two musts in e marketing

  • two top ways to promote your business in ezines

  • understanding the basics of advertising

  • understanding the difference between marketing and promotion

  • understanding the different methods of online promotion

  • understanding the nature of the beast

  • unexplored profits of now junky reseller rights products

  • unique free advertising

  • unique internet marketing stands out from the crowd

  • unleash the powerful promoter within

  • unsolicited email yes or no

  • update what works and what doesnt

  • up your income next week 13 ways to have a sale

  • use a list server to distribute your newsletter

  • use sensory media to get publicity

  • use textpad program for easy ezine and web site submissions to bring more sales

  • use your site search to create free ezine content

  • using a simple idea to target your audience

  • using a usp to quickly connect with prospects

  • using back links to get top search engine ranking

  • using ezine promotion to your advantage

  • using web resources to backup your trade show marketing efforts during the show

  • utilize those traffic exchanges

  • u s antitrust laws and your business

  • vertical portals the hottest new trend on the net

  • viral marketing secret weapons

  • virtually necessary domain names

  • want a slice of internet pie

  • want a successful newsletter apply the 5 ps

  • want immediate cash flow

  • want to broadcast the benefits of your product or service to the world get on the radio

  • want to start a publishing revolution

  • want to submit more articles faster

  • web analytics part 2

  • web technology in marketing friend or foe

  • whats in a listing do a search of your site or ezine

  • whats really important to know

  • whats working whats not

  • whats wrong with my article how to get your article published and grow your business

  • whats wrong with your promotions

  • what are 7 psychological triggers that make people buy

  • what are joint ventures jvs

  • what aunt marge can teach you about ezines

  • what a ghostwriter can do for you

  • what can you learn from ezines

  • what does your business card say

  • what does your logo color say about your business

  • what do i put in my ezine

  • what do your prospects want

  • what do you need to know about ezine advertising

  • what do you want for nuthin

  • what every ezine owner should know about unsold ad space

  • what happened troubleshooting poor response from ad campaigns

  • what happens when you submit articles to ezines

  • what is an ezine

  • what is an e advertiser why you should use one

  • what is a marketing plan anyway

  • what is branding and why do you want it

  • what is pay per click

  • what is search engine optimization

  • what is the quantum connection description

  • what is your lure bait and gear an exercise to define who you are attracting

  • what is your marketing telling you

  • what ive learned from my subscribers

  • what not to wear when doing a tv interview

  • what posting articles online did for my google page rank in 90 days

  • what report topics could mean success

  • what response should you expect from an ezine ad

  • what star wars can teach you about creating a buzz for your business

  • what they see is what they want and most likely what theyll get

  • what the fly doesnt know about marketing

  • what to do when your prospect just wont get back to you

  • what to expect from adverting

  • what your click tracking script should tell you

  • what you need to find success online the easy way

  • when elephants dance on wooden floors

  • when is an ad not an ad

  • when you need more than magic to keep your marketing going

  • wheres that map to the yellow brick road

  • where and how to get information for your newsletter and ezines

  • where do you find your contacts

  • which of these mistakes are you making with ezine advertising

  • which stage of internet marketing are you in

  • who is your guru

  • who is your market and where are they

  • who should offer an ezine

  • why arent they buying

  • why are your cash registers empty 8 reasons why your site is not getting sales

  • why are you throwing your money away

  • why authors should blog

  • why blogs are beating out ezines and matter so much to your platform

  • why contests in ezines are so valuable

  • why do i publish thee

  • why ezine advertising doesnt always work

  • why ezine advertising doesn t always work

  • why ezine advertising is better than search engines

  • why internet marketing resembles frogs

  • why i dont publish an ezine even though i cant seem to shut up

  • why i love l l bean and how to follow their lead without spending a fortune

  • why most affiliate marketers fail

  • why no one buys from your site

  • why saying no can make your sales soar

  • why should i buy your book

  • why should i write ezine articles how do i do it

  • why should you care about niche marketing

  • why should you start an ezine

  • why should you write a newsletter

  • why some people will never succeed no matter how hard they try and how you can avoid the same mistakes

  • why some web sites sell and others dont

  • why start an ezine

  • why the usp doesnt work anymore what to do instead

  • why too many solos spoil your ezine

  • why we hate to promote ourselves

  • why write an ebook

  • why write articles to publicize your business

  • why write a sales letter for each product

  • why your marketing efforts arent working

  • why your websites sales are not where you want them to be

  • why you must write articles

  • why you need a newsletter

  • why you need offline marketing for online sales

  • why you need to establish your own list of contacts

  • why you should be writing articles

  • why you should market your website offline

  • why you should write ezine articles

  • will you be an internet success story

  • will you remember 2001

  • winners dont do different things they do things differently

  • winning the game your strategic marketing plan

  • words sell

  • word of mouth marketing

  • working on your tan

  • work and preperation equal success and confidence

  • work for results

  • work hard wisely for success

  • would you pay for lousy service

  • write an ezine but i dont know how

  • write a newsletter to get site visitors to return

  • write a power and get a feature story seven times as valuable as advertising

  • writing articles but still not getting traffic thats because your articles suck but i can help part 1

  • writing articles but still not getting traffic thats because your articles suck but i can help part 2

  • writing effective ad copy for your ezine

  • writing ezine ads for their list and yours

  • writing ezine articles 4 reasons why you should do it

  • writing powerful effective solo ads

  • yardstyle marketing

  • yes sheri you can make money on the internet

  • yes you should publish an ezine and heres why

  • your ezine 13 formatting checklist

  • your e zine 13 a formatting checklist

  • your faq page a sales tool you bet

  • your headlines are your salesmen

  • your killer ad some killer facts

  • your online brand is you

  • your own ezine the pros and cons

  • your platform and why it can make or break your business

  • your product is an experience

  • your resourcebox giving you profits

  • your target audience who are they what do they want

  • youve got the insane traffic but are they sticking around

  • youve got to have content

  • you belong in the spotlight

  • you cannot make money online without unrelenting follow up

  • you can drive more traffic to your website

  • you can publish an ezine

  • you can write ads too

  • you get what you pay for

  • zoom in on ezines