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A humanidade e os UFOs
Muitas pessoas dizem acreditar que os UFOs são verdade, tal como a afirmação de Carl Segan, que pensar na ¿vida somente na existência de vida na Terra, seria uma grande perda de espaço¿ Aceitar a existência de vida fora da Terra, tem muitas...

Animated Humanity
The success revolving around Pixar animations mainly lies in the fact that they can so brilliantly combine a great story with stunning new technology. After a long streak of successes, starting with Toy Story, Pixar has detached itself from the...

Businesses Need to 'Rehumanise'
Big companies and corporations have lost the human touch. The question is, when will humanity catch on, or like robotic sheep will we do whatever the business shepherds tell us, no matter how bad we are treated? I am talking from firsthand...

Habitat for HumanityFund Raiser -Wine Tours and B&Bs
Contact: Frances Ambroselli Villa Serendip Bed and Breakfast Telephone Number: 585-384-5299 Email Address: Web site Habitat for Humanity Teams up with Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfasts and Wineries for...

Worth and Humanitarianism
Worth And Humanitarianism By Punkerslut I will not live forever. All of the people around me will not live forever, either. There have been various groups to assert that there is eternal life, "eternal salvation," but such claims bring with...

Animated Humanity

The success revolving around Pixar animations mainly lies in the fact that they can so brilliantly combine a great story with stunning new technology. After a long streak of successes, starting with Toy Story, Pixar has detached itself from the Disney Studios and gone on to independently produce the animation films.

There are so many other films that come out these days that do have those equally amazing special effects, but why is it that a film like War of the Worlds or Batman Begins - that utilizes real people - doesn't resonate with humanity as much as animations. Why couldn't these studios come up with such brilliant ideas and screenplays as they did for the incredible and make films out of them.

The reason for this is that films that deal with actors have so many people working on it that after a while it loses it singular vision and it becomes a project that is out to please everyone and in the end, its variety doesn't connect with any individual targets. Also, these films deal with locations and availability and contracts and sometimes it's quiet difficult to redo a scene or reshoot a different ending because everyone involved is not available or willing to come back and work on the project again.

The great thing about animated films is that it all takes place inside an office and it becomes more of a product than a work of art and luck and service. If the storytellers come up with new bright ideas, all they need

to do is send in a memo and the animators will draw a new character or they will sketch in a new ending.

Of course, this may be the reason why most animations are not nominated for the oscar for Best Picture because they are not really considered films. Except for the more recent exceptions of the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast that were both nominated for the coveted prize.

While making film, you are putting in a position to fail miserably but also you keep yourself open to experience magic and surprising sensitivity that is rare in animated films. In recent years, there were a few films that really hit those magical notes of truth and humanity and the reason why audiences gravitated toward them was precisely because it felt like it almost never happened. A few of those films were Sideways, Crash and the soon-to-be released Machiavelli Hangman (

Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and the Incredibles drew in large crowds of child fans but also adults because they made them believe in the stories and they had a central theme that resonated with everyone. If more films like Sideways and Machiavelli Hangman were produced, the world would be a much better place.

About the author:
Robert Hurtado is a movie reviewer.
Machiavelli Hangman


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