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2-Minute Fitness
Why would I want to write about yet another fitness program? There are so many out there. There is no escape from fitness programs whether you watch TV or read a magazine or newspaper. The reality is that most of us are not happy with...

British Aikido Board Controversy
British Aikido Board acronym BAB or Bad at Budo, this is the governing body for Aikido in the UK, In the UK we have a governing body for each of the martial arts, the governing body should oversee its's particular art and protect it and it's members...

Is Aikido A Martial Art ? : Part Three.- Conclusion.
The Converted In articles parts one and two I have covered the introduction of Aikido to the West, and the impact on other Martial Artists, Aikido progressed and developed in the UK by visiting existing dojos of all the various Martial Arts and...

Tae Kwon Do is Great For All Ages
Tae Kwon Do is Korean Karate. It means The Way of the Hand and Foot (punching and kicking). There are basically four sections to the art: Toning, Sparring, Forms and Self Defense. It is a well rounded exercise program that encompasses muscle...

Women in The Martial Arts
Women In The Martial Arts by Anita Wilson 1st Lady Assistant to Sensei Henry Ellis Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido I was born in West London in 1963, my father was very involved in the martial arts and a dan grade in Karate he was also a...

T'ai-Chi for the Masses--and Others...

Kuang Ping was the T'ai-chi set favored by Yang Lu-Chan, the man who brought forward the "Yang" style in the mid-1800's, now so popular throughout the world. Kuang Ping is what the man trained with himself. The popular "Yang" set was/is something for the masses--not for the aficinado, the athlete, the martial artist.

I learned Kuang Ping from Kuo Lien Ying, third generation student of Yang Lu Chan. I was already an accomplished runner and martial artist when I started training (1970), so it was difficult to please me in the arena of athletics--but 75 yr-old Kuo was definitely impressive! Eventually I studied five T'ai-chi sets, but his was/is definitely the most dynamic and challenging.

I teach two sets currently: a short Yang style (for beginners and the unfit) and Kuang Ping. They are both available on tape.

T’AI-CHI CH’UAN: A Few Words

This soft or "internal" art is, in all aspects, a psycho-physical exercise, a boxing system, and a meditation method. Most of the tens of millions of practitioners are into it for health and meditation, so they move very slowly during the training. But what most people don’t realize is that since the art is founded on using the principles of change, you can—and should—move the body and mind according to the need of the moment.

This wondrous exercise can be used by anyone, male and female, old and young. A five year-old child and a person of 90 years or more are both able to practice T’ai-chi Ch’uan. The complete form can be learned within three months; pretty good acquaintance can be obtained with a year’s practice; and a student training perseveringly for about five years can have significant integration of mind and body, intuition and knowledge. There are delicate details of T’ai-chi, keys to its marvels which are understood only with faithful practice.

Traditionally, a person is required to train seven years before qualifying as a teacher.

Of the more than 100 million people who practice T’ai-chi regularly, most train outdoors, even in severe weather conditions of northern China. The reason is simple and can be understood only when you accept the elements and embrace the opportunity to integrate with nature. Year-round, outdoor training is good for the spirit, heart, mind and body.

Instructor Certification:

T’ai-chi Ch’uan

First – Third years: White Sash
Introduction to internal arts studies
Yi Bai Ching Kung
Zhan Zhuang
Basic Health Maintenance
Tao Yin
T’ai-chi Chi-Kung
Stance and kicking drills
Tui Shou
Postures training for Yang or Guang Ping T’ai-Chi Ch’uan

Fourth Year: Blue Sash
18 Therapies Chi-Kung
T’ai-chi Chi-Kung
Breathing patterns in T’ai-chi Ch’uan
T’ai-chi Kun/Dragon’s Head Staff #1

Fifth Year: Green Sash
T’ai-chi KunDragon’s Head Staff #2
T’ai-chi Chi-Kung
Continued physical and respiration studies in T’ai-chi Ch’uan

Sixth Year: Gold Sash
Five Animal Frolics
T’ai-chi Chien/Rapier #1
T’ai-chi Chi-Kung
Cont’d studies in T’ai-chi Ch’uan

Seventh Year: Black Sash
T’ai-chi Tao/Saber #1
T’ai-chi Chi-Kung
Original thesis researching T’ai-Chi Ch’uan

About the Author

Edward Orem has 40 years experience in integral mind-body training systems, and holds the following titles: Certified Instructor, Guang Ping Yang T'ai-Chi Assn; 6th Degree Black Sash in Chinese Boxing; 8th Degree Black Belt in Zen Kempo-jitsu, as well as a PhD in Holistic Health. Dr. Orem is the author of several manuals, and has produced 50 training videos. In 1990 Sifu Orem founded Chuan Fa Kempo International,


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