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Dialogue: The Four Dialogic Principles For Successful Communication
"But you don't understand!" exclaimed the manager, "this new initiative is vital for our team. If it doesn't work we could all be out of a job!" "Uh-huh... Really... Explain to me again how this new initiative is so different from previous...

How To Ruin Good Customer Relations...In Two Easy Steps.
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In Business, Image Isn't Everything; It's The Only Thing!
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Provide Great Customer Service and Gain Instant Customer Loyalty
Providing customer service is a normal facet of conducting business either online or offline however far too many business owners are neglecting their customers after purchase. Provide Great Customer Service and Gain Instant Customer Loyalty By...

Whatever Happened To Customer 'Service'?
Do you remember the last time you went into a shop and the person 'serving' raced over to you, greeted you with a lovely smile, heaps of enthusiasm and said, "Welcome to our store, what can I help you with today?" And then listened attentively...

7 Habits of Highly Successful Small Business Owners

Do you spend every waking minute in your business? Do you find it difficult to take time out for you? Are you constantly working in a mess?

Unfortunately there are far too many business owners working too long and too hard. They tend to be involved in every aspect of their business from being the bookkeeper, marketer, human resources manager, mediator, customer liaison officer and cleaner.

The smaller the business the harder it is for the owner to delegate these functions because they dislike spending any money. They fail to realize that if they invest their dollars wisely in accessing the right type of goods and services to grow their business and be more effective, they will see positive changes occur over time. It takes time to build a good "business mindset".

I've noticed that those people who grow their businesses successfully do the following:

1. Highly successful small business owners are great role models

They practice what they preach. They lead from the front.

2. Highly successful small business owners invest time and money in their team and themselves

They develop their people and themselves through personal and professional development. They utilise outside expertise , as the successful small business owner recognises they do not have all the answers.

3. Highly successful small business owners are organised

They know how to manage their time and have systems in place which enables them and their team to work effectively.

4. Highly successful small business owners are fit and healthy

They understand that a healthy mind and body improves their productivity and general well-being. They realise that by keeping themselves fit and healthy it enables them to cope with the pressures of running a business.

5. Highly successful small business owners have a life

They make time for their personal life a priority because they know it makes them a happier and more successful


6. Highly successful small business owners look after their clients

They know that clients are the life-blood of their business. Without clients there would be no business. They ensure they continually look after them.

7. Highly successful small business owners are decisive

They are not afraid to make decisions and take action. They have to if they want to their business to thrive.

The Final Word

Highly successful small business owners get their priorities about people, work and home right! They live longer and enjoy life more. They enjoy the challenge of being an entrepreneur. They go home at the end of each day knowing that they have achieved. They are fulfilled and realise that the success of their business is a direct reflection on themselves.

So what are you waiting for? If you're dissatisfied with where you are now, then what are you going to do differently? It's June already. Take stock of where you're at. Do you need to make changes to improve your business so that you are able to enjoy the benefits of being the master of your own destiny? Or are you happy with the way you are currently travelling?

Only six more months to Christmas. Will you be sitting on the beach in January satisfied with your efforts or will you be making the same new year's resolutions you made at the beginning of t his year? Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Implement the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Business Owners on an on-going basis and you too will have a highly successful business.

Lorraine Pirihi is Australia's Personal Productivity Specialist, Leading Life Coach and a dynamic presenter. She runs her own business The Office Organiser specialising in working with Small Business Owners and Managers helping them to dramatically improve their productivity, reduce the stress and the mess and have more time for living life!


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  • it s all about the customers baby

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  • leave your buts behind for great customer service

  • losing business monentum

  • loyal customers take commitment

  • make an action plan to improve customer service

  • make an offer your customers cant refuse

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  • take care of yourself before you take care of your customer

  • take care of yourself before you take care of your customers

  • take it to the customer

  • tales from the corporate frontlines work ethics and the customer

  • tales from the corporate frontline work ethics and the customer

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  • that s one neat trick turning complainers into loyal customers

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  • the 5 ws of world class customer service training

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  • the customer is king

  • the customer is number one

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  • the golden rules for providing good customer service

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  • warning this lease might explode any minute

  • website savvy 10 key steps to turn your customers on

  • web conferencing a boon to businesss

  • whatever happened to customer service

  • whats the customer service buzz about your business

  • what are you doing to keep your customers

  • what do your customers really want ask your competition

  • what every employee should know about preventing customer service conflicts

  • what every employee should know about seeing the creative side of customer compaints

  • what every small business owner should know about preventing customer service conflicts

  • what every small business owner should know about seeing the creative side of customer complaints

  • what is an investor ready business plan

  • what is customer relationship management crm

  • what is great customer service

  • what is network marketing

  • what kind of client customer are you mr ms entrepreneur

  • what s the customer service buzz about your business

  • what the taco bell manager taught me about customer retention

  • what to look for in presentation folders

  • what your customers absolutely must know about your business

  • when customers complain

  • where are the delighted customers

  • where did the customers go

  • where have all the delighted customers gone

  • where to find the database for your customer mailing list

  • which is better repeat business or adding new customers

  • who am i who is my customer

  • who are your most likely customers and what do you know about them

  • who comes first the customer or employee

  • who says that you need money to get repeat customers

  • who says the customer is always right

  • why arent you using freebies to get more customers

  • why are customers so indecisive

  • why a collection agency is your small businesss best friend

  • why bother with customer centricity

  • why communication skills dont work in customer service

  • why conducting a customer survey could double your profits

  • why hasnt customer service improved despite the profusion of databases and technology

  • why providing excellence in customer service is essential to every business

  • why public relations doesnt just happen

  • why small business must turn to pr

  • why you must build a customer list to prosper

  • winning customers over the phone

  • winning customer experiences

  • winning the loyalty of your customers

  • work at home business ideas

  • work from home and make more money

  • wrapping yourself around the customer

  • writing the book on great customer service

  • your customers are more than a number

  • your diamond mine the lifetime value of your customers

  • you must build a customer list