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Being Small Has Its Advantages
Those of us business owners who do it all, whether we are home based or a small business have it made. With today’s technology we can look as big as we want. With the web, faxes, video conferencing and all the burgeoning technology you don’t need to...

Finding Your True North
Okay Friends, It's time for a 'check up from the neck up'! It's time for an evaluation in each area of your life. Some of you may be saying 'I don't need one!' Well, you may be right. And you may not be. But you know what they say? The best...

Let's Blow The Lid Off Public Relations
When everybody benefits like this, blowing the lid off public relations is not only justified, it's necessary! And show it for what it is – a well-oiled strategy machine using cutting-edge communications tactics that lead directly to program...

The Top Five Reasons For Posting In Online Guestbooks
An online guest book is a log for people to sign and sometimes leave brief messages when they visit someone’s website. Possibly you’ve posted to, or “signed” one of these guest books at one time when you’ve visited someone’s website. ...

Which PR Is Right For You?
Please feel free to publish this article and resource box in your ezine, newsletter, offline publication or website. A copy would be appreciated at Word count is 1135 including guidelines and resource box. Robert A. Kelly ©...

10 Surefire Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Brochures

Businesses rely on brochures as their front line in communicating their products or services. Yet according to Shannon Cherry, APR, many find them not as successful because they underestimate the skills and resources necessary to publish attractive and effective materials.

“Most people forget a brochure is important because it represents you to the world and reflects your image,” says Cherry, president of Cherry Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that helps businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations be heard.

“But the best brochures do more than impress,” she says. “Effective copy and design can intrigue, inform, convince and capture customer business just as an effective salesperson does. Brochure effectiveness is linked to an audience-appropriate marketing strategy that drives the design process.”

Cherry shares the following top ten list of hints can help your brochure put its best foot forward:

1. Keep headlines short. According to studies, headlines with fewer than ten words get more readership.

2. Focus your headline on your target audience. Show a picture of your target group and make sure the headline has the groups description in it. For example: If you are targeting moms, uses a headline like, “Moms Know


3. Keep text lines at a comfortable length. Body copy lines should never be shorter than the font size or longer than double the font size.

4. Keep paragraphs - especially lead paragraphs - short. Perhaps even one sentence.

5. Use graphical dingbats including bullets, hyphens, and asterisks, to break up text.

6. Use captions to draw the reader in. Next to the cover, captions are the most read items in a brochure.

7. Set captions in a different style.

8. Avoid typographic overkill by using too many CAPS, italics and bolds.

9. Stick to no more than three different fonts in a brochure.

10. If you use photos with people in them, make sure their heads are at least the size of a dime.

Shannon Cherry, APR, MA helps businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to be heard. She’s a marketing communications and public relations expert with more than 15 years experience and the owner of Cherry Communications. Subscribe today for Be Heard! a FREE biweekly ezine and get the FREE special report: 'Get Set For Success: Creative, Low-Cost Marketing Tips to Help You be Heard.' Go to: Directory of Businesses Jobs Press Releases Products ...
Comprehensive Directory of Businesses, Jobs, Products, Services, Press Releases, News, & Articles in all Industries. Promote your business. FREE.
PR Newswire - news distribution, targeting and monitoring
News and press release distribution services for small business marketing, corporate public relations and investor relations, government and organizational ...
PR Week Magazine
News and features about the public relations industry, with links to US, UK, Asian, and German editions.
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Puerto Rico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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A nonprofit, public interest organization dedicated to investigative reporting on the public relations industry.
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Puerto Rico Tourism Company Official site includes nightlife, area sports, culture, and travel information.
PR: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
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Full service global public relations firm. Includes company profile, management team, practice areas, industries served, case histories, client listings, ...
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LEWIS PR is a global public relations consultancy working with leading and emerging brands and delivering predictable results tied tightly to client goals.
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Escape to Puerto Rico - Your Internet Guide to Puerto Rico
Internet guide to everything Puerto Rico. Offers lots of photos, accommodations and travel information from around the Island.


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  • mass marketing manufacturing media blitz founder tr cutler inc adds strategic alliance partner focus marketing

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  • park your garage sales on the internet

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  • peggy smedley and tr cutler to address pronto north america users conference

  • peggy smedley author of mending manufacturing how american can manufacture its survival to address pronto north america users conference

  • peggy smedley of start magazine to address pronto north america users conference

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  • personal training 6 secrets of award winning customer service

  • planning for 2002 business recovery use public relations firepower

  • planning special events part two the master plan

  • positioning professional service firms

  • preparing for your media interview

  • prevent sucide now

  • pre empt radiation or die

  • professional help funding your company

  • pronto north america marketing director verzi thrilled to have cutler and smedley at users conference

  • pronto north america marketing director verzi thrilled to have smedley and cutler at users conference

  • pronto north america users conference in eden prairie minnesota may 3 5

  • pronto north america users conference to feature keynote address peggy smedley

  • pronto north america users conference to feature keynote address tr cutler

  • pronto north america users conference to feature new product features of pronto xi

  • protect your business with non disclosure agreements

  • pr advice you didnt ask for

  • pr am i getting a good deal

  • pr a potent force for success

  • pr behavior modification specialist

  • pr buyers beware

  • pr essential to your success

  • pr failure defined

  • pr focus on what matters

  • pr going according to plan

  • pr heres all you need to know

  • pr how sweet it is

  • pr is just smart business

  • pr lets cut to the chase

  • pr lets talk fundamentals

  • pr ouch tells the tale

  • pr room at the bottom

  • pr still a mystery to some

  • pr that entrepreneurs often overlook

  • pr the thrill of a good idea

  • pr time for a new playbook

  • pr whats the point

  • pr where it matters most

  • pr your 500 pound gorilla

  • publicity campaigns how many hours how many months

  • publicity outside your city outsourcing for more affordable pr services

  • publicity performance not enough

  • publicity utilizing a effectively

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  • public procurement and very private benefits

  • public relations 101 getting your message out

  • public relations 8 fix factors

  • public relations antidote for small business failure

  • public relations a natural phenomenon

  • public relations converting the non believers

  • public relations creates wealth

  • public relations defining your organization from the inside out

  • public relations for new enterprises

  • public relations going o k

  • public relations grand illusion

  • public relations insurance

  • public relations mixup

  • public relations power tool for the 21st century

  • public relations productivity

  • public relations recession tool

  • public relations success starts here

  • public relations the fundamental premise

  • public relations time to fix it

  • public relations tips you can take to the bank

  • public relations toast

  • public relations use its core strength

  • public relations wheres the value

  • public relations where s the value

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  • quick tactics to brand your business and make more sales

  • quick tips for the first time homebuyer

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  • redefining success in an uncertain world

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  • renewableenergystocks com reports renewable energy industry sees growing public support as smart energy technology becomes a viable option

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  • right pr focus a powerful advantage

  • risk free investing with term investments

  • road map to a healthy stock market

  • rotator

  • rp promotion strategy

  • same old same old pr still tops

  • satisfying your customers is as simple as this

  • secrets to getting free publicity for your business

  • selecting an equity finance consultant

  • self promotion is easy and fun

  • seven steps to getting known guerrilla public relations for the entrepreneur

  • six pillars of business marketing success

  • small business q a how to handle the occasional oop see

  • small business valuation primer

  • something new for managers

  • sound like your situation

  • so whats wrong with strategic

  • so you want to be a freelancer

  • speaking out

  • specialists for otcbb nasdaq stocks

  • starting a new business

  • steer your career in the right direction home

  • stop is your business missing its mark et

  • successful small businesses use pr

  • success comes when you turn indecision and fear into power and action

  • success is just a question away

  • sure fire recipe for a successful public relations career

  • survival of the fittest building your business

  • surviving tough times online

  • sweat the small stuff for great customer service

  • take it to the customer

  • take your pants off in public

  • talk the talk

  • tap into larger profits with your promotion

  • tax reduction tips

  • ten fun ways to liven up any presentation

  • ten tips to a job winning interview

  • ten ways to be a better at motivating your employees

  • there is no time like the present

  • the 10 step resume critique

  • the abcs of cyber shop set up marketing affordable big league cheap

  • the best pr has to offer managers

  • the best things in life are rarely things

  • the booklet journey

  • the business of speaking everyone has something to share

  • the correct use of shares

  • the cost of being a public company

  • the demise of the mittelstand

  • the economics of real deals

  • the effects of consumer debt

  • the employee publication the great communicator

  • the essential contractor

  • the financial power of gay weddings q a

  • the growing trend in business networking

  • the importance of massive action

  • the informations age and making money

  • the information age and making money

  • the magic and mystery of teams

  • the millionaires favorite author

  • the most important pr in america

  • the mother of all publics

  • the naughty niches potential gold mines or business killers

  • the network within

  • the new customer relationship management crm functions

  • the new ways to do the business mba or cio

  • the number 1 rule for businesses be professional

  • the seven cs partnership danger signs competitive not complementary action

  • the seven cs partnership danger signs the 6th c changing vision

  • the shell trap

  • the sickly state of public hospitals

  • the six sigma method and design of experiments

  • the ten pillars of leadership and business development

  • the top 10 creative excursions for building effective teams

  • the top 10 priorities that guard your five star reputation

  • the top 10 the top ten signs that your marketing message needs a facelift

  • the top five reasons for posting in online guestbooks

  • the truth about public relations

  • the ultimate pr scam

  • the value of forums

  • the wages of science

  • the wages of science part i

  • the worst pr mistakes

  • things will never be the same again

  • thinking about a public relations career

  • this is the power of pr

  • thomas r cutler becomes leading manufacturing pr public speaker

  • thomas r cutler in high demand as manufacturing public speaker

  • three steps to give your strategic plan traction

  • time to spruce up your public relations

  • tips for curing bad customer service

  • tips for first time homebuyers

  • tips for reducing shipping costs

  • tips on boosting small biz profits

  • top 10 business e mail basics

  • top 10 ways to sell your products and services

  • trend setting how office art improves productivity

  • trust in a digital economy

  • truth or consequences how to give employee feedback

  • tr cutler and peggy smedley to address pronto north america users conference

  • tr cutler inc announces the sale of the veterinary practice marketing division

  • tr cutler inc manufacturing pr firm adds strategic alliance partner focus marketing

  • tr cutler inc sells vet division and expands manufacturing associate affinity program

  • tr cutler inc staff to top 40 associates

  • tr cutler marks 1 year anniversary of eto spokesperson

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