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Cutting Telecom Costs by Using Fax Servers
For the better part of 20 years, companies the world over have relied on the fax machine for simple and discrete delivery of information and important documents. These days, entire industries would seemingly come to a halt without the ability to...

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When purchasing an office chair, there are things that you need to consider. Sure, everyone wants a nice comfortable chair, but there are other factors involved as well. Think for a moment how long you sit in your chair. Is it hours upon hours of...

Fantastic Telephone Skills
Having good telephone skills is crucial as the call may be the catalyst for a prospective sale or provide vital counseling for a member of public. However, since both parties may not see each other face-to-face, a telephone conversation may not...

NextWest, Inc. to Present Conference Session at the INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Fall 2004
Richard De Soto Will be Participating in the IP Contact Center Shootout at Leading VoIP Event in Los Angeles FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- TUCSON, AZ - NextWest, Inc. today announced that Richard De Soto has accepted an invitation to present a session...

Three Easy Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordings
Three Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordings by Barbra Sundquist, Certified Mentor Coach If you want to record: - a client call you are recording to submit for certification - a teleclass you are...

Companies Implement Their Own Call Accounting Solutions to Ensure Telecom-Billing Accuracy

According to their annual report available on their website, in the last fiscal year-ending, SBC spent over two-and-a-half billion dollars on advertising. Verizon's annual report shows just over two billion. Sprint, nearly a billion. AT&T (who had stripped back their advertising budget) just under half a billion. Many corporations will never see such income amounts in their entire lifetimes, let alone advertising budgets and this begs the question, if a telecom carrier can spend a fortune on advertising, why can't they invest a fraction of that amount to ensure accurate billing to their customers? Because of billing inaccuracies, customers are forced to implement their own call accounting solutions.

Fortunately for the customers, robust call accounting software solutions such as TelSoft Solutions MegaCall now exist, allowing companies to accurately track call expenses and quickly compare them to telecom bills. Billing errors can be rapidly found and corrected through a real-time web-accessible interface. Calls can be rated against contract usage rates, costs can be allocated to the correct user department, and reporting can be automatically and quickly generated in relation to traffic, fraud and analysis.

MegaCall tracks telephone call activity generated by any type and any number of PBXs from call record source to assignment of accountability. It analyzes call activity for an entire enterprise from a single web-enabled centralized system. All information is collected in real-time and is immediately available for viewing and reporting -- an essential support

for call accounting throughout the enterprise.

An Aberdeen Group report found that, without proper call accounting on a customer's part, telecom billing cost leakage could be as much as $8 million per year. A Gartner Group analyst was recently quoted as stating that 12 to 20 percent of corporate telecom charges are in error, and 85 percent of such errors are in the carrier's favor.

Telecom billing errors also place corporations in danger of non-compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley act, which requires companies to be fully accurate when reporting operating expenses. So companies, not being able to rely on carrier bills to accurately cost account their phone usage, are forced to find cost-effective [call accounting software] solutions such as MegaCall.

About TelSoft Solutions, Inc. TelSoft Solutions is a California-based privately held corporation located in the financial district of Glendale, California. Since 1985, TelSoft has been providing ca ll accounting and telecom billing services to organizations with as few as 100 stations to large multi-location companies exceeding 100,000 employees. TelSoft enjoys meeting the challenges presented by their clients, many of whom have unique telecom expense management needs. Telsoft Solutions can be found on the web at .

Contact: Karen Ritz 800-525-4845

About the author:

Bruce Boyers is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, CA.


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