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Creating Sales Letter Lists That Make Your Customer’s Drool
© 2002 Karon Thackston You’ve seen them a hundred times. Those lists that copywriters use within their sales letters that tell you what the product or service offers. They might say something like: ·THE most...

"How to destroy your competitors and explode your sales with Joint Ventures"
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Increase Sales By Flying Under Your Prospects "Radar Defenses"
How do you persuade someone to do what you want them to do? A whole world of marketing exists around us trying to do that every minute of the day. Do you even notice it anymore or, like your prospects, have you subconsciously set up a system...

Long Sales Letters vs. Short Sales Letters
Everywhere I turn, I'm being asked to weigh in on the issue of whether copy should be long or short in a sales letter. I receive countless newsletters on copywriting and marketing, and they are all still debating the issue. I doubt that the...

Selling To Baby Boomers? Power Charge Your Sales By Segmenting This Huge Group
To get a handle on the Baby Boom market, try using the “cohort” principle to segment this huge group. The Baby Boom covers 17 years, from 1946 to 1963. Depending on when baby boomers were born, there are specific external influences and events...

Create Your Own Sell Them Hard Sales Letter

Don't fool yourself. You can write a sales letter that
demands people hand over their money simply by
learning the secrets of the pros.

Following is a simple plan that if you follow, can make
your sales letters hook visitors and lead them down the
road to whichever destination you want.

To start, write a headline that hooks the visitor. If
you're creating a website sales letter, this should be
in bold print and the first thing your visitor sees.

If you're creating a sales letter for an e-mail ad,
then your subject line will be the hook that grabs them
and makes them open the e-mail to read more.

Point blank, your headline needs to make a promise. Write
your headline with the guarantee that if the reader invests
the time then they'll be rewarded with finding out how the
promise will work for them.

Second, you want to lead the reader further into your sales
letter by expanding on the subject of your headline. Your
first paragraph in your sales letter's body needs to further
entrance the reader by giving details of your promise, and
outlining exactly how it's going to benefit them. So, I might
write something like this:

"In the next few minutes you'll discover how to gain instant
access to my member's only area. Inside, you'll have instant
access to fresh, up to date content, e-books, forums, and one
on one consultation with marketing experts that can literally
shoot your business into profit making overdrive!"

After leading them in, the body of your copy should continue
on with benefit after benefit directed towards the reader and
how it's going to help them solve a problem.

Give different benefits

that will appeal to different readers.
For instance, if you're selling a book starting a home business,
the first benefit could be more money.

A second benefit could be addressing the comfort of working
from home. If the money doesn't make them want to buy, then
perhaps being able to saunter down the hallway in their pajamas
will grab them and make them find your offer irresistible.

Keep going this way. Outline every benefit, and go into detail
about how it will solve their problem and improve their life.

After the body, you'll want to give them a call to action.
You need to tell people what you want them to do.

If the goal of your sales letter is to have them visit your
website, then say, "Click here now for an Amazing Discount!"
Tell them specifically what you want them to do and they'll
do it.

Finally, close your sales letter with a strong P.S. that
outlines in short the benefits they're going to receive
and restate your guarantee, telling them there's no risk
for them to order now. Everybody will read your P.S. that's
grabbed by your headline, so you really have to make it sell
hard. And make sure to give the customer a link to click in
the P.S. in case the mood strikes them.

And there you have it. My simple plan to writing a sales
letter that makes you money. Use it as a guideline for
everything you write. And create a sales letter for yourself
that works hard to make you money.

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